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 A History and Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway in Ohio  No other Internet site describes it's favorite road with such excellence as Michael G. Buettner does here.  The 1928 final route, and previous routes are described section by section, accompanied by maps for each section, and odometer charts to help the tourist find their way.  Settle in for hours of great reading.
The Monuments of Crawford County  Not satisfied with just beautifying the Lincoln Highway, the good citizens of Crawford County, Ohio, erected a series of brick or stone pillars and monuments through their county.  Esther Oyster

Beautification of the Lincoln Highway  Just as we use to believe that architecture was composed of function and beauty, we also believed  the same for the Lincoln Highway.  Esther Oyster
In Search of... U.S. Route 20 in Ohio  U.S. 20 in Ohio most closely followed a route known as the Chicago-Buffalo Road. Michael G. Buettner    
In Search of...The Dixie Highway in Ohio.  The eastern branch of the Dixie Highway connected Toledo and Cincinnati. Michael G. Buettner    
In Search of...The National Old Trails Road in Ohio.  The National Road dates back to the early 1800's predating the railroads and canals, and opened up the western states to settlement and commerce. Michael G. Buettner    
In Search of...The Three-C Highway.  Of the forty-plus named automobile trails that appeared on the state maps during the 1910s and 1920s, perhaps none said Ohio like the Three-C Highway. Michael G. Buettner    

In Search of...The Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway in Ohio.  During the heyday of the named auto trails era, there were four routes which traversed east to west across Ohio.  The poor stepchild of the foursome was the Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway.  Michael G. Buettner    
IN Search of...The 1924 Detour Route  As early as 1919, when the U.S. Army Transcontinental Convoy passed through Ohio, a route through East Palestine, Columbiana, Salem, Alliance, and Louisville was preferred over the traditional Lincoln Highway route by way of East Liverpool, Lisbon, and Minerva.  Michael G. Buettner    
In Search of...The Marion Way  The original Lincoln Highway route from Galion to Lima, as announced September, 1913.  Later it became the Harding Highway.  Michael G. Buettner    
In Search of...The Yellowstone Trail in Ohio  The Yellowstone Trail was conceived as a regional route, but soon was charted from the Atlantic to the Pacific via Ohio.  Michael G. Buettner    
In Search Of...U.S. Route 50 In Ohio.  In this tentative plan, U.S. Route 50 was a route from Annapolis, Maryland to Wadsworth, Nevada (near Reno).   By Michael G. Buettner    
Unofficial List of the Named Auto Trails in Ohio  The success of the Lincoln Highway spawned hundreds of imitators across the nation.  This is a list and description of many of them in Ohio.  Michael G. Buettner   
By the Numbers, a Chronology of the Federal Highways in Ohio  History of the numbering and planning of the US Highway routes in Ohio.  Michael G. Buettner    
Chronology of Ohio Road Maps  The "cartographer's changing view" of Ohio is seen in maps.  Michael G. Buettner   
The Lincoln Highway Near Canton  One of only three concrete markers at it's original location and two of the best brick remnants on the Lincoln Highway in Ohio, all within eastern Stark County.  Jim Ross
American Road  Pete Davies, traversed the Lincoln Highway in 2001 gathering information for his book American Road.  His memories of that trip are described here.
Lincoln Highway Stark County Cruise   A great community effort.
  Extra Section - Indiana
1928 Lincoln Highway between Warsaw and Columbia City, Indiana.  Michael G. Buettner 
Together In Indiana The Lincoln Highway and Yellowstone Trail in Indiana  Michael G. Buettner 
In Search of . . . The 1924 Lincoln Highway in Indiana.  Michael G. Buettner    
In Search of . . . The 1928 Lincoln Highway in Indiana.  Michael G. Buettner    

Map Room.  Early Ohio trail and road maps.  Also soliciting your maps if you would like to share them.  Please send us your digitized map.  
Post Cards of Ohio, from the collection of Mike Lester
Then And Now pictures from the 20's retaken eighty years later, by Jim Ross
History's mysteries.  We all believe the Lincoln Highway Association closed up shop in 1928, right?  Then how do we explain the photograph (click to enlarge) of this stone marker at the base of the McKinley Monument in Canton Ohio?

Photos of us.  Photos of our members

On the Road to Yellowstone excerpts from his book by the late Prof. Harold Meeks
90th Anniversary of the 1919 Transcontinental Army Convoy by Mike Buettner