The popularity of all these quiz shows on television has inspired Buckeye Ramblings to create this quiz of questions about the Lincoln Highway in Ohio.  If you get 15 out of 15, you certainly would deserve a million dollars if we had it.  See how well you can do:

1. Which Ohio town has two original brick pillars?                                         
         a) Crestline  b) Mansfield  c) Upper Sandusky  d) Van Wert                                                                     Back
2. To whom is the stone monument in Bucyrus dedicated?
         a) Austin Bement  b) John Hopley  c) J.F. McMahon  d) E.J. Songer
3. In 1913, the Lincoln Highway originally "followed" which Main Market Route across Ohio?
         a) b) 3  c) d) 10
4. Which Ohio town has two original Lincoln Highway signs in railroad viaducts?
         a) Bucyrus  b) Canton  c) Mansfield  d) Massillon
5. In 1923, which Ohio state route was designated to correspond with the Lincoln Highway?
         a) b) c) 5  d) 10
6. Which of these Ohio towns was the first to be bypassed by a 4-lane version of U.S. 30?
         a) Dalton  b) Bucyrus  c) Mansfield  d) Van Wert
7. In what year did Ohio host the LHA's National Conference?
         a) 1996  b) 1997  c) 1998  d) 1999
8. Which town hosted the first state meeting of what is now the Ohio Lincoln Highway League?
         a) Bucyrus  b) Canton  c) Lima  d) Van Wert
9. Which of these Ohio towns lost the Lincoln Highway in 1928?
         a) Ashland  b) East Liverpool  c) Lima  d) Galion
10. Where was the first concrete post replica placed in Ohio?
         a) Hanoverton  b) Lisbon  c) Mansfield  d) Minerva
11. How many concrete posts were set in Ohio in 1928?
         a) 204  b) 214  c) 221  d) 241
12. Which of these old road remnants does not feature exposed brick?
         a) Baywood St.  b) Cindell St.  c) Mabee Rd.  d) Sylvan Dr.
13. What railroad was repeatedly crossed by the Lincoln Highway in western Ohio?
         a) Erie  b) New York Central  c) Nickel Plate  d) Pennsylvania
14. Which city's Board of Commerce sponsored 12 pages of advertisements in the 1924 LH Guide?
         a) Canton  b) Lima  c) Mansfield  d) Massillon
15. What Ohio college town hosted a Good Roads speech by Gov. Willis during the 1915 movie caravan?
         a) Ada  b) Alliance  c) Ashland  d) Wooster

BONUS—To whom is this quote attributed:
 "I consider the Lincoln Highway the greatest thing I ever did in my life."
         a) Carl Fisher  b) Henry Joy  c) Henry Ostermann  d) Frank Seiberling


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