The Official Newsletter of the Ohio Lincoln Highway League
Number 58                                                                                                                            Summer, 2009


On a pretty spring day in May, thirty members and guests converged at Massillon for the 15th Annual Business Meeting of the Ohio Lincoln Highway League.  The meeting was hosted by the Eastern Ohio Chapter of the OLHL, with Chapter President Jeff Lotze serving as master of ceremonies.  OLHL President Mike Buettner presided over the business meeting, most of which took place in the morning.  The afternoon allowed time for tours of the Massillon Museum, which is where the meeting was held, and a Military History Museum which was two blocks away.  With the sun shining, it could not have been a better day for walking about downtown—enjoying the several murals and memorial parks with flowers blossoming all around.

It was reported during the business meeting that the OLHL currently has about $1500 in its treasury.  This is well below the $2000 balance that we have tried to keep for the past several years.  A major expense that was made in 2008 was for three display boards, with each board to be shared among the various Ohio groups, including the two local chapters and the Ohio Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor (OLHHC).  One of the display boards was set up at the meeting so that members could see the excellent quality of the final product, which was well worth the expense.  Members are encouraged to use the display boards for any type of event which would bring more attention to the Lincoln Highway.

In other matters, it was decided to designate that income received as part of a special memorial fund now be used for the purchase of five copies of the Lincoln Highway DVD that came out in October 2008.  This popular video was produced by WQED-TV in Pittsburgh and narrated by Rick Sebak.  These special funds were originally directed to the OLHL in the name of Howard Donbar, who was very involved in the Mid-Ohio Chapter before his untimely passing.  Mike Hocker and Mike McNaull will get these DVDs placed in Howard’s name at several libraries located within the Mid-Ohio Chapter area.

Mike Hocker also spoke on behalf of the OLHHC and reported that the annual Buy-Way Yard Sale Event would take place on August 6-8.  With the economy still mired in its ongoing funk, it is believed that this event could be more popular than ever in 2009.

Mike Buettner reported that Ohio memberships in the Lincoln Highway Association (LHA) have decreased slightly over the past three years.  There were 126 memberships in 2006, 124 in 2007, and 120 in 2008.  States with higher memberships are Iowa (174) and California (124).  These numbers were current as of September 2008, as published in the most recent LHA roster.

As expected, all current OLHL officers were nominated as a group for re-election.  Thus, Mike Buettner will continue for another term as president, with his wife Tammy to continue as secretary.  Treasurer Michael Lester and Vice-President Mike McNaull will also continue for another year in their current offices.

Jim Cassler requested a few minutes during the meeting to discuss the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, an organization which is near and dear to his heart.  Jim discussed some activities that the group is planning in the eastern counties of Ohio, and challenged members from other parts of the state to contact their local scoutmasters to be involved as well.  Jim displayed a special patch that has been created to commemorate the anniversary event, which could involve new activities relating to the concrete posts set along the Lincoln Highway by the scouts in 1928.

A preliminary draft of the minutes from this business meeting have now been posted at the OLHL web site at 2009Minutes.zip and members are encouraged to review them for any possible additions, corrections, or revisions.


A 1928 concrete post stands guard at the front of the Massillion Museum The Lincoln Theater, on Lincoln Way in downtown Massillon, is still showing first-run movies, and now has an electronic message board built into the old marquee


Looking west on Lincoln Way in downtown Massillon, there are at least two buildings that can be easily recognized from old post card scenes
One of two outstanding murals visible from the Lincoln Way in Massillon is this tribute to the local high school football team One of three identical display boards authorized in 2008 for the benefit of the OLHL and its related organizations Some of the thirty members and guests in attendance at the 15th Annual Business Meeting of the OLHL




Given that Indiana is on the western border of Ohio, it was no surprise that many members of the Ohio Lincoln Highway League made the trip to South Bend for the Annual Conference of the Lincoln Highway Association.  The conference was spread out over several days in the middle week of June, with OLHL members arriving and departing at various times.  Ohio Director Mike Buettner (Lima) was present on Tuesday June 16 for the meeting of the executive board.  Richard and Mary Lou Taylor had arrived that same morning from Mansfield.  Also present were Jim Cassler, Brian Cassler, and John Long (all from Canton), the faithful triumvirate that regularly operates the Lincoln Highway Trading Post at these events.  Jim had brought a small fleet of vehicles with him in anticipation of a special parade on Friday, and the editor was treated to a whirlwind ride in one of Jim’s Jeeps to get a bite to eat for lunch.  By the time of the evening dinner, which was part of the LHA Conference, Tom and Mary Lou Lockard (Gambier) and Ed Cannane (Massillon), had also arrived, plus Esther and Bernie Queneau (Pittsburgh, PA).

Several new books were available from the Trading Post, and thus your editor was able to add two volumes to his Lincoln Highway library.  One book represented the latest published work from Brian Butko, which was entitled Lincoln Highway Companion: A Guide to America’s First Coast-to-Coast Road.  A second book, entitled The Lincoln Highway Across Indiana represented the first major work by Jan Shupert-Arick, a past-president of the Lincoln Highway Association.  Brian’s new book highlights places to see and do things along the route, and includes such familiar sites as the Steel Trolley Diner in Lisbon, Shisler’s Cheese House in Wayne County, and Balyeat’s in Van Wert.  Jan’s initial effort is part of the highly successful “Images of America Series” by Arcadia Publishing, and includes a wealth of vintage photographs from the early years of the Lincoln Highway.  Most of the images focus on the original “northern” route across Indiana, although the later “southern” route is also given due attention as well.  The last chapter of the book is devoted to the recent activities of the modern Lincoln Highway Association.  Thus, it was refreshing to see that many familiar faces were given due credit for their works of promotion and preservation.  While returning home, the editor was able to visit several such sites on the “southern” route which have been newly memorialized in at least some small way.

Among the highlights of the annual conference was the aforementioned parade on Friday.  This parade was planned to coincide with the arrival of the Army Convoy Re-enactment of the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association).  The editor was not in South Bend for this activity, having returned to the office on Wednesday night to catch up on time-critical work tasks.  He did make it back to Allen County earlier that day, just in time to see the convoy travel the Lincoln Highway from Gomer to Delphos in the late afternoon.  Then, because the convoy stopped on the east side of Delphos to regroup, he had time to drive into downtown as the convoy passed by the Veteran’s Memorial.  It was an appropriate and inspiring place to watch a parade of military vehicles from several generations of American history.  Readers are encouraged to visit the web site of the MVPA at www.mvpa.org which does a great job of following the journey, through both text and pictures.  The convoy passed through Eastern Ohio on June 15, and stayed in Wooster for two nights while on its way west.

A second highlight on Friday should also be mentioned.  Of the five major awards presented at the closing ceremonies that evening, Ohio had a significant part in at least three of these awards.  Awards were announced that will go to the trustees of both Osnaburg and Paris Townships in Stark County, in recognition for their decisions to preserve the brick roadways in their respective jurisdictions.  Appropriately, the Meritorious Achievement Award (the highest honor given by the LHA) was presented to the Eastern Ohio Chapter for spearheading the preservation efforts.

Ohioans who were not able to attend the annual conference this year will get a similar opportunity in 2010.  The next major event for the Lincoln Highway Association will be in Dixon, Illinois, the week of June 22-26, so now would be a good time to circle those dates on your calendar.  The annual conference for 2011 will be at Lake Tahoe.


p.s.—Also in South Bend during the annual conference was the traveling party of “The Alice Ramsey Centennial Drive.” That tour, which featured a restored 1910 Maxwell car, was scheduled to reach San Francisco on July 9.  To learn more about the tour, and the anticipated documentary film, go to www.aliceramsey.org




JUNE 19, 2009




Photo captions: (1)  Looking exceptionally sharp in uniform are Jim Cassler and son Brian.  This Jeep from Jim’s collection was the lead vehicle representing Ohio in the MVPA/LHA parade that took place in South Bend during the annual conference in June; (2) Riding in a trailer behing the second of Jim Cassler’s two Jeeps was this contingent of Ohio Lincoln Highway League members, including Ed Cannane, Bernie and Esther Queneau, Richard Taylor, and Nancy Hocker; (3) The entire entourage representing Ohio; and (4) This World War II Jeep from Jim Cassler’s collection was originally purchased by his father after his servie in that war.  Jim has two uncles (brothers to his father) that also made purchases of similar World War II Jeeps.

Post card promotion for Jan Shupert-Arick’s book entitled The Lincoln Highway Across America.  Brief details for book are in the story on sheet three. Post card promotion for Brian Butko’s book entitled Lincoln Highway Companion.  Brief details for book are in the story on sheet three.




For information regarding chapter activities, contact Chapter President Mike McNaull at mmcnaull@hotmail.com or 419-281-3064


For information regarding chapter activities, contact Chapter President Jeff Lotze at

fordtractor@att.net  or 330-875-2989

Thursday September 17th—Joint meeting with Mid-Ohio Chapter: time and place to be determined

October 17-18th—Overnight road trip to Western Pennsylvania

Thursday November 12—Dinner Meeting: time and place to be determined

Thursday December 10—Christmas Party Meeting: at Kosmo’s in Massillon



August 6-8, 2009—Lincoln Highway BuyWay Yard Sale



Thank you to LHA/OLHL member Jim Cassler and The Klingstedt Brothers Company, who have donated the envelopes that were used to mail this newsletter.  Jim and his associates are the official suppliers of Lincoln Highway Merchandise.  Members are encouraged to visit the web site at www.LHTP.com for a look at the impressive inventory of items.

Buckeye Ramblings is the newsletter of the Ohio Lincoln Highway League, our state affiliate of the Lincoln Highway Association.  Editor of this newsletter and president of the OLHL is Mike Buettner (1618 Chandler Drive/ Lima, Ohio/ 45805).  Any changes of address should be forwarded to Mike at his home address, or by contacting his office via e-mail at mgbuettner@kohlikaliher.com or by phone at 419-227-1135.  Other officers through April 2010 are Mike McNaull, Vice-President; Tammy Buettner, Secretary; and Michael Lester, Treasurer.  For texts of back issues, plus photography and other Ohio information, visit the web site created and maintained by Jim Ross at www.lincolnhighwayoh.com.

Costs for printing and mailing this newsletter are covered entirely by LHA membership dues.  Please renew your membership in the national association so that we can continue to publish news from Ohio on a regular basis.  Readers now have the option of receiving this newsletter by way of electronic mail, which saves both time and costs.







Heminger Travel Lodge—with recently placed historical marker—a Lincoln Highway landmark on the east edge of Plymouth, Indiana Mural on building in Etna Green, Indiana, across the railroad tracks from the Lincoln Highway, but on the early route of the Yellowstone Trail One of three colorful panels in the impressive new kiosk at the Chinworth Bridge parking area, about three miles west of Warsaw, Indiana
Boy Scouts of America placed this monument at Funk Park in Warsaw, Indiana, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the setting of concrete posts along the Lincoln Highway, said monument being adjacent to…(next photo right) Perhaps the most familiar concrete post in Indiana, this post was re-dedicated in 1995 with a grand ceremony that was attended by Esther Queneau, and Mike and Tammy Buettner. An example of a route marker sign in Allen County, Indiana [Fort Wayne].  Metal signs are also posted in Marshall County [Plymouth] and Kosciusko County [Warsaw], but this version is the most legible and my personal favorite
The recently restored Civil War statue at the Veterans Park in Delphos, Ohio watches for the arrival of the MVPA Convoy his memorial brick was placed at said Veterans Park in honor of Tammy Buettner’s father, who served in World War II.  Bricks like this are being considered as a possible fund-raising project for the LHA.  Your input is appreciated. ast of Delphos, the editor met the 70-plus vehicles of the MVPA Convoy in the late afternoon.  Just as the original convoy did in 1919, the entourage overnighted at Delphos—but this time at Jefferson High School, and this time without Dwight D. Eisenhower.  (Not pictured) A wealth of new images taken of old Lincoln Highway road remnants between Plymouth and Fort Wayne.  Go to www.LincolnHighwayOh.com for a new article on this subject, plus past articles and updated strip maps for the 1924 and 1928 versions of the Lincoln Highway in Indiana



All photographs in this newsletter are by Mike Buettner, except for the four photographs in South Bend, which are courtesy of Jim Cassler.